by Fade

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released August 2, 2013

Recorded and Mixed by James Atkinson @ Mutiny Compound, Bradford. July 2013.



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Track Name: Whirlwind
Hide away man, shut the door,
won’t find you here, relax and fade away.
Said you didn’t care but you still do,
try to rid yourself of consciousness.

You thought you had the answer,
you only had a fix,
it all comes unraveling
and spiraling down
you’re caught in….
…..in a whirlwind.

Got it worked out, plan by a fool,
keep them close as they believe you.
Faces change but you’re still the same,
truth floods in and you’re all alone.
Track Name: Solipsism
Breathe in the nebula gas,
float down the canals on mars,
washed upon the shores of cosmic oceans

Nothing that I will ever feel
will exist in minds,
give birth to a new realm of thought,
and I’ll sink into the pools of delirium.

Fall back and swell into the waves,
quasars illuminate your face,
feel it flow through you,
do you feel the same,
we’ll be born again in embryonic clouds.
Track Name: Satellite
Delving deep into unknown worlds,
slip through wormholes.

My dreams they lie on a different plain,
on a satellite,
coursing through different universe
on a satellite.

Blend in and out of time and space,
and emerge on a surface.

Too many times have I dreamt of lives
and it don’t feel right.
Images and words all the time
swirls inside.