Undead (Memorial Day)

from by Fade



I’m choking down broken glass,
somehow it’s getting easier, getting easier.
I hope the nightmares over,
cause when I sleep, I don’t dream of her,
then it re-occurs.

Do you ever wonder who your real friends are?
If you don’t, maybe you should, maybe you need to.
Trust is just a word, a tricky concept,
depending on who it’s applied to.

And I the fool.
I always give in to you.

Just try and justify it,
it’s easy if you want it enough but you’re not feeling tough.
So you run away and get led astray
you come back home and he always calls your bluff.

Do you ever wonder where you got these scars?
If you haven’t, maybe you should look a little closer,
you don’t have to go far to find it so hard,
it’s your decision and you know you’ll never learn.

And I know I where my heart upon my sleeve,
and I know my face makes me easy to read.

Everyday is like a struggle,
every time you’re at the end of the line.
And every little gesture,
comes across like some valentine to me


from Identity, released October 4, 2015
Originally written and recorded by Memorial Day '99.



all rights reserved

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